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A sub-genre of grindcore. As you can guess from the name of the genre, the music's theme is well... centered around fetishes/pornography, the most offensive kind of music ever. Gut where the inventors of the genre, & there are very few good ones still around. Dead is another supurb pornogrind band. the songs tend to be fairly short (in the vein of grindcore, one mintue long), & the openings have audio clips from horror/porn moives, that sometimes go on longer then the accually music.
"Lips - the passageway to pleasure" is a totally grim song, dude.
by Mister Fleshcage June 08, 2005
Combination of "faggot" & "goth"

Used to describe anyone who shops at Hot Topic, listens to HIM, Slipknot, or any other Numetal. Can be found in their dark rooms writing poetry, doing drugs, or trying to kill themselves. If you ever encounter one, approach with extreme violence.

Also see Dani Filth or Marilyn Manson
Drew: "Ha, look at the group on faggoths, coming out of Hot Topic."

Nate: *picks up a rusty pipe* "Let's go kick their Victorian-styled asses"
by Mister Fleshcage May 30, 2005
Suburban wigger-faggots that are rich, spoiled cunts. Easy to identify: travel in mindless crowds, obbsessed with sports, make fun of/try to convert anyone else diffrent (better) then them. If you encounter any walking out of American Eagle clothing outlets or a Baseball field, Private school use the same approch as you should when you see a faggoth, pick up something sharp/heavy & attack!
Prep 1: *with a lisp* "Er...so, yeah, uh, I was, uh, playing, um, baseball, and, uh, I, got, uh, a-uh, home-uh-run...uh, yeah, 2pac is, uh, cool, you, uh, going, to the, uh, party at, uh Abby's house, uh, I...like...penises...uh, uh."

Prep 2: *also with a lisp* "I was, uh, playing football, then, uhh...uh, I gotta, uh...touchdown, uh. I, uh...can't, uh, wait for the party, uh...dicks are, uh fun...uh"

*chainsaw starts up*

Nate: "For Satan!"

Preps 1 & 2: "Uh...ARGH-GURGH-AH!
by Mister Fleshcage June 08, 2005
The first & best pornogrind band ever, with hillarious song titles like "Faggot Colony" (a rip-off of Carcass's beloved, smash hit "Maggot Colony"), "Defaced Slut", "Anal Sushi" & the great "Spermantor", they released two CDs: Odour of Torture & The Singles Collection, before they broke up around the mid-nineties, to form two diffrent bands Nunwhore Commando 666 & Libido Airbag, but they had a reunion show in Japan, 2004, it's rumored they have a new CD coming out.
Nate: "I can't fucking wait for the new Gut CD to come out."

Nick: "Uh...you're kindda pathetic"

Nate: "Shut up, you crackwhore-faggot!"
by Mister Fleshcage June 08, 2005
1: Latin for "dead" (I think...er)

2: The equvilent of rad or awesome, used by grim people, who listen to Black Metal and worship Satan.
Nate - "Have you heard the new Mayhem CD?"

John - "Yeah, it's totally-fucking-pure-necro!"

Nate and John - "SATAN!"
by Mister Fleshcage June 26, 2005
Another alias for Satan
"Beelzebubba is in my heart and soul!"
by Mister Fleshcage June 26, 2005

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