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See Jewbie.
"Big Red!"
"i HATE you i HATE you i HATE jesus"
by Mister Fantastic Funk November 30, 2003
1) 1337 pwnz0r 5c g05u }{8X0r

2) Legendary 3-day-noob who beat the shit out of Peter, a HUGEASS computer nerd who's been playin starcraft for 4 years and likes to skip skool justo play. So feared on bnet that people refer to the set of replays as the T-God Chronicles.

3) grade AAA fresh meat
1) "gg no re newb"

2) "cmon guys quit calling me tgod... i have a calling and its name is... ThunderBay, Winsor"
"wtf tgod stfu ur so high"

3) "aww cmon when is it my turn... =( "
by Mister Fantastic Funk November 30, 2003

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