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to engage in oral sex - hopefully girl on guy
Gabe: Aye Rich, you hit that?

Rich: Na kid, I got the bajiski tho'!

Gabe: Say word!
by Mister E Oh April 02, 2008
Tommorow. The next day.
Gabe: Laters Rich, I'm outtahere.

Rich: Peace son, catch ya magnanus.

Gabe: A'ight.
by Mister E Oh April 02, 2008
To "shimmyswam" is to have a desire to have sexual relations with the opposite sex.
Gabe: Yo Rich, you seen JazzO today?

Rich: Oh yeah! Thats all about the shimmyswam!

Gabe: No doubt!
by Mister E Oh April 02, 2008

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