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4 definitions by Mister Decent

Keep In Phone Touch... this was a throwback term back in the day before cel phones were ubiquitous... but now in the age of texting - and since texting is done on a cel phone - it still applies. Basically, this means keep me posted, either by text or by phone (most people will text).
Hey girl, I don't know what I'm doing later, so let's KIPT.
by Mister Decent June 26, 2011
Saying you don't care about something. Saying something is meaningless.
I don't give a flying moose-fuck if Sally comes along. She could drop dead today and I wouldn't notice.
by Mister Decent June 26, 2011
A person, usually a person who is selling Real Estate (likely their own home) who thinks the value of thier holdings are the same as when the last 'bubble' in Real Estate happened. Currently, it would be the bubble of 2006 that they refer to. This person, this seller, thinks their home is worth today what it was at the height of the bubble. They are, deluded.
That seller is so crazy if he thinks that dump will command a price that high... he's a total Bubblehead.
by Mister Decent June 26, 2011
Ask any hospital worker... this is when a person who is hooked up to system monitoring devices, dies. When they die, the monitor turns to snow - there's no information on it anymore.
When the nurse tripped on that cord, we all thought you got snowed... glad she plugged it back in quickly.
by Mister Decent July 06, 2011