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Perhaps the most fucked up academic institution in the world. Professors have free reign to verbally and emotionally constantly insult their students and make their lives hell. Basic human rights such as sleep and food become a luxury to a student in chemistry at Montana State University. Often students are forced to down massive amounts of caffeine and riddilin to keep up. Typical masters degrees take 4-6 years to obtain and PhDs typically take 6-9 years.
The Chemistry Department - MSU is hell
by Mister DIP March 02, 2007
A term used to describe a cum guzzler
That bitch is such a Weitzel
by Mister DIP March 02, 2007
The act of hurting a small animal for sexual pleasure
That sick bastard pulled a Frankie before the cops showed up
by Mister DIP March 02, 2007

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