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10 definitions by Mister

a method of legitimately abstaining from doing any form of productive work
Boss: Hows that report coming on?
Slacker: Just doing a quick windows update
by mister November 12, 2003
the dopest
damn, you're the KJ
by mister September 16, 2003
The act of being high ALL DAY on the day of wednesday. It splits up the week really well. Not a single minute of sobriety can be felt all day.
It's blunt wednesday!
Nice, let's pick up some dutches and get started.
by mister February 14, 2005
The definition of 'Witboy' is a white male.
Yo witboy
Thats me man whatup
by mister March 17, 2005
"Fow wiew" another word for For real used by white people trying to act black aka witboys or noobs.
Lets whoop that white boys ass!
Ow Fow wiew
by mister March 17, 2005
a type of ancient instruments
He playd the likai like no other before him.
by mister April 12, 2005
The definition of 'Fow wiew' is another word for: For real, used by white people aka witboys or noobs.
Yo look at that mafucka right there man
Ow fow wiew
by mister March 17, 2005