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The politically correct aka pc term for a fence.
The United States needs to build a better difference barrier between itself and Mexico
by MistahTom June 02, 2006
Interracial hardcore porn. Cafe = Black; au lay = white. "au lay" is a play on words with au lait which means "with milk" in French.
Jackson Brown and Cheryl White made a "Cafe au Lay" in a Detroit motel room.
by Mistahtom January 13, 2006
That whistle that gang members or a scrap use to identify themselves in a large crowd or over a lengthy distance. This is only done by Mexican gang members.
X used his scrap whistle to find Y at Great America.
by MistahTom June 15, 2006
Short for semester. Like semester but its actually 'mester.
I freakin' failed o. chem last mester
by Mistahtom March 03, 2006
When 1 guy fucks a guy in the ass, and then that guy fucks another guy in the ass and on and on until the last guy is back around fucking the 1st guy in the ass until they are all connected like a circle.
Bob, Robert, Bill, William, and Billiam made a merry-go-round.
by MistahTom December 11, 2005
To interject a non-nerdy conversation with really nerdy comment thus distupting the conversation.

The nerdy comment may/may not come from someone who is not contributing anything to the conversation.
Bob: Wow Spiderman II was really bad.

Nerd 1: Did you know tritium is an isotope of hydrogen?

Bob: Why you gotta dork it up for everything, Nerd?!
by mistahtom July 21, 2006
The nick-name of The Daily Show's John Stewart.
Dad: John Daily is funny and smart.

Me: Its John Stewart but nevertheless, he is awesome.
by MistahTom June 14, 2006

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