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A term used to describe a 3rd person when reminiscing on a dumb act they performed or a stupid action they did at one time.
synonymous with this fucking guy
Bob: Did I tell you about what Joe did? That fucking guy, he used the scope on his pellet rifle to look at girls in the adjacent apartment. Then the cops come knocking on his door looking for him.

Tom: What a dumbass, that fucking guy needs his balls removed so he won't ever have kids.
by MistahTom June 11, 2006
Short for homos or gay people
Guy1: You wanna go to S.F. ?
Guy2: Nah too many 'mos
by Mistahtom January 06, 2006
A container carrying 5 or 6 long 13'' smooth polished rods inserted into the urethra for sexual stimulation.
I bought a sounds kit for my girl and she came 8 times in thirty minutes!
by MistahTom July 26, 2005
Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether. An oxidizer that was put into gasoline in California a few years back that would bump up the gasoline's efficiency. Later replaced with ethanol because it allegedly contaminated underground wells.
MTBE is bad for the environment.
by Mistahtom January 14, 2006
A reference to a Budweiser commercial where an overloaded table server sticks a free finger in a bottle of Budweiser in order to serve one more item.

Its now some type of "Man Law"
Bob: Hey Bryan, are you gonna eat that ::sticks his finger in Bryan's food::

Bryan: You poke it you own it.
by mistahtom May 16, 2006
The act of a mouth-breathing troll using their own alternate account(s) to agree with their own wharrgarbl or derp.
User 1: Libtards are afraid of Sarah Palin because she's smart.

User 2 (User 1's alt): Woah, did I say afraid of? I meant scared of.

User 3: Looks like we have a circle derp.
by MistahTom March 26, 2010
The politically correct aka pc term for a fence.
The United States needs to build a better difference barrier between itself and Mexico
by MistahTom June 02, 2006

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