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61 definitions by MistahTom

A Circuit City that is overrun with Indian people asking questions about rebates and sales.
Indian man - Excuse me do you work here?

CC Associate (in a red CC shirt) - No, I'm just employed here. They don't pay me enough to work.
by Mistahtom August 27, 2005
56 18
Splitting your pants as you shit them.
I bent over and got so scared that I shlitz my pants.
by MistahTom July 26, 2005
53 15
When the bartender stops selling booze and you need more make a last call cocktail. Mix unfinished, unattended drinks together in a pint glass and drink up!
Biff - "Last call? Dammit, I should have gotten here sooner."

Joey - "Its alright man, make a last call cocktail."
by MistahTom November 06, 2005
39 4
An Australian term for a lazy eye, or a wandering eye. Sometimes refered to as a "Wokie Eye."
Janie's got a walkie eye
by mistahtom July 28, 2005
36 4
Name for an iPod that has illegal or illicit copywrited songs on it. (I fraud the music industry)
I bought a Crapple iFraud at The Circuit Shitty
by Mistahtom August 27, 2005
52 22
The Presidential briefcase that contains launch codes to launch nuclear missiles. It travels with him anywhere he goes allowing him to start a nuclear war from anywhere at anytime.
The President can launch a nuclear missile from anywhere using "The Football"
by Mistahtom January 12, 2006
32 3
Jumping through the hoops by putting up with bullshit.
Manager guy: I got a VP position at Wal-mart because I did a presentation on how the company is good for communities.

Man: I had to write a paper on feminism to pass my women's study class and graduate

Sometimes you've just gotta bite the bullshit
by Mistahtom December 23, 2005
42 13