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61 definitions by MistahTom

A tiny behind. The lacking of a curvaceous rear-end. Also known as a flat-ass.
I can't get sprung lookin at dat badinkydink.
by MistahTom August 07, 2005
65 8
Getting kicked in the balls!
Bob: Man what happened to you?

Jim: I tried to get that girls number and she gave me a 7-10 split
by MistahTom September 13, 2005
74 19
Another term for Silicon Valley 'cept it includes the money grubbing part of it.
Bob: Where you goin' for the Caesar Chavez holiday?
Steve: I'm goin' to Scrillacon Valley so I can outsource my job to India.
by MistahTom September 05, 2005
56 7
Spending too much time in the cabin of a ship and getting sick of your mates in the process.
Scurvy Bill The Wej, Cap'n Knappy and Cap'n Kike all got cabin fever from too much time on the Jolly Roger
by mistahtom November 22, 2005
158 110
Someone who is promiscuous.
David likes to have sex with many people. He is an ass hopper.
by MistahTom September 14, 2005
54 6
Something that goes up your butt. A probe. Its from south park
Stan: "Whats an anal probe"

Chef: "Thats where they put this big metal hoopajew up your butt"
by MistahTom November 25, 2005
50 8
Dictionary.com defines it as:

The process of analysing an existing
system to identify its components and their interrelationships
and create representations of the system in another form or at
a higher level of abstraction. Reverse engineering is usually
undertaken in order to redesign the system for better
maintainability or to produce a copy of a system without
access to the design from which it was originally produced
Bill Gates reverse engineered the Macintosh 1986 OS to create windows '95. < that is an example of reverse engineering
by MistahTom April 19, 2006
45 5