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Original definition
(1) To be without clothing

Slang definition
(2) When you have all things of value taken from you in a hold up.
(1) I like to see girls naked

(2) Robber - Get naked foo'
Robbee - Ok, ok just don't call me a Racist
by MistahTom November 06, 2005
A police helicopter.

Derived from:
Police = Pigs = Pork
Helicopter = Chopper = Chop
"A pork chop is chasing an '67 Impala on the 405."
by MistahTom July 28, 2005
Alias of former tv star Flipper the dolphin. On Chappelle's Show, he was put into the community pool to scare off all the black folks because he hates them.
Man 1: Holy shit its James the Nigga hatin' dolphin.

White Man: They called him Flipper, Flipper, faster than white lightening.
by mistahtom June 28, 2006
Acronym for delerium tremors. Something that you can get when you are withdrawing from something such as alcohol, heroine, porn
Carlos got the D.T.s when they put him in rehab for his alcohoism
by mistahtom July 28, 2005
Customer + Cunt = Cuntstomer. Describes retail customers who think you should wait on them hand and foot. Especially try to act like they know more than you when they ask you a question.
I told the cuntstomer we don't return Betamax players, especially ones without reciepts.

Circuit City has a lot of cuntstomers.
by mistahtom November 28, 2005
*Expanded Definition*

1) "Fresh Off the Boat" usually pertains to Asians, Arabs, Russians or Indians (not Native American)

2) "Fresh Over the Border" Include people from south of the American/Mexican border. Mainly illegal Mexican immigrants.
"I went to Wal-Mart and there were FOBs as far as the eye can see."

Look at the FOBs in-front of the Home Depot
by MistahTom November 02, 2005
Politically correct term for a homeless person. I.E. Bum
Frisco is chock full of urban outdoorsmen.
by MistahTom July 28, 2005

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