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Localized slang for an Illegal Brazilian Immigrant, this term originated in the Metrowest area of Massachusetts, an area innundated by illegal Brazilians during the early part of the 2000's.

The Brillo is characterised by a general lack of hygene and an abundance of misplaced cultural pride, often clogging the main streets of a town with drunken revelers after a Brazilian soccer team victory.

The Male Brillo generally enters the landscape trade as a day laborer for whorish rates and is often found loitering around streetcorners in the early morning or running frantically at the first sign of an immigration raid.

The Female Brillo is normally employed by Dunkin Donuts but generally doesn't last long because of thier lack of English speaking skills. They They generally enter the prostitution trade thereafter where they quickly fail due to thier willingness to perform most any sexual act for free if the john simply mentions the letters "I.C.E."
Motorist: "You hit my car, may I have your license and insurance info?"

Brillo:" Sorry, no lice. My sister has lice."

Motorist: "Aww, no, another freaking brillo."

Brillo: "I sorry"

"That stupid biych at dunkin donuts gave me a black instead of a light no sugar. Friggin' Brillo!"

"That Brillo whore from downtown gave me ass to mouth for free when I showed her a phony immigration badge!"
by Mistah Fungool August 21, 2009
Slang for members of the Gujarati speaking people from the western most state of India. Gujarati are known throughout their country as being intensely business minded.

In America the Guju have overtaken the convenience store, cheap motel and other businesses which require little to no knowledge of customer service. (They occasionally venture into customer service oriented businesses and fields where product knowledge is essential and fail miserably)

The Guju-American is characterized by his refusal to let go of the superstitious beliefs and folk tales of his homeland (ex: drinking anything cold is responsible for 99% of all illnesses) and his stout refusal to assimilate into other cultures. He is too cheap to purchase deodorant and soap and will risk shame and his very integrity to save a penny on a purchase. He literally worships money. He smells bad and has no conception of personal space.
"You think you got the flue from drinking that cold slushie? What are you, a Guju?"

"Some Guju just bought the kwik-market down the street, and now the whole place smells like ass and curry."

"Did you get that raise and vacation time you were hoping for this year?" "Naw, man, by boss is a freakin' Guju!"
by Mistah Fungool August 20, 2009

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