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Party Dumb Ass (Pronounced like pita)

This is a person who, at a party, will be belligerently drunk, high, etc. This person will cause problems at a party, particularly party fouls (spilling things, knocking things over, etc). PDAs generally always make asses of themselves as parties; this is what they are known for. Many FYPs are PDAs.

Coined by Mista UNGA!! and Andrew S.P.
A PDA is somebody who is being belligerent, disruptive, an ass, etc., but is too inebriated to rectify the situation.
by Mista UNGA!! January 14, 2006
First Year Partyer (Pronounced like flip without the "l")

Somebody in who, in high school, probably looked down upon you for drinking and going to parties. Now, at college, they drink and "party" and think they're a better partyer or more hardcore than you are.

Coined by Andrew S.P. and Alex D.
This is for those kids who act like they're straight out of Animal House when, in reality, they didn't party before college. You don't know sh*t about partying if you didn't party pre-college, and you will forever be a FYP.
by Mista UNGA!! January 14, 2006

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