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(Noun)A cyber pedophile. A cyberpedo prays on/stalks kids and teens.
Help mom! There's a cyberpedo stalking me!
by MistXL September 20, 2011
A player on a game that takes his time, and always tries to be perfect at aiming etc, thus creating an easy target.

SHORT: Noofe
Noofecter: Hey! I was aiming, you nublet!
Gamer: STFU noofecter!
by MistXL September 20, 2011
(Pro-xy) A person who can't rap, so he steals or buys other people's work.
Guy1: y'know that Diddy guy?
Guy2: yep, hes such a prauxy.
by MistXL September 13, 2011
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