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1 definition by Missy the Master

For some reason, everyone here thinks it is soooo expensive. However, if you live in L.A. or have half a brain, you will realize it is cheaper then most things out that that are trendy...
Jeans at AF - $80
Jeans that are actually "designer" - $150-$320 .... have you guys ever heard of True Relgion???
Hoodie at AF - $60-$70
Designer Hoddie - $150-$250 ..... Ummm, L.A.M.B, Juicy,
2 B Free, etc.
Tee shirt at AF - $30-$50
Designer shirt - $70-$150 ....Primp, Juicy, Lacoste...
So please. Even if you think the store is pricey, listen here. The wealthiest people that I know, yes teeanagers too.....would not be caught DEAD in AF because it is so cheap. real rich people do NOT shop there. Only people who want people to think they are "rich".
Molly - OMG! My jeans are sooo cute! Abercrombie and Fitch!
Lacey - Wow! You must be really rich! They are like, $80!
Me - Um...well mine were $200...
Molly - ............well......my tank top is AF!
Me - Well, mine is C & C California, and was far more than yours....
Me- That's what I thought.
by Missy the Master November 28, 2007