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A step up from drunk dialing ... a narcotics dial is when you've just been released from the hospital and are experiencing excruciating pain and nausea despite the (Percocet, Delaudin, other narcotic) you received, and dial your ex while you're out of your mind and leave an incomprehensible, nonsensical message or worse yet, you actually speak to him or her and have no idea what you actually said.
After I was released from the hospital for kidney stones, in a Delaudin haze, I actually thought it would be comforting to talk to my ex, so I Narcotics Dialed him and left a rambling message. I'm not surprised that he didn't call me back.
by Missy Lou March 04, 2009
When a girl has a really long, weird or misshapen toe. Guys can have them too but it is a little more acceptable for guys to have weird feet. The toe can even be named something other than Frankentoe.
I really think your Frankentoe is getting larger - that's just not right.
by Missy Lou April 24, 2009

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