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A friendly conservative state that welcomes everyone. After hearing some of the bad things people have said about Missouri I must say. Oregon by far has way more trailers and trailer parks. You dont see as many in Missouri because everyone knows that you cant live in a trailer where there are tornados.

I have lived here for only 5 years and I must say...people here are far more civilized than on the west coast (where I grew up)...in Oregon, Washington, California. Missouri is where you go when you want your family to feel safe and have good moral values. We actually know what "America the land of the free" means because we get to experience it daily. No cops hiding behind bushes to pull you over for going one mile over the speed limit. Yes, out here we only get warnings...and thats if your going 10 miles over the speed limit or more. I would never live on the west coast again if only for the fact that the cops are not NATZI's out here in Missouri like they are out west.
Although I am not originally from Missouri, I am proud to call it my "home" state.
by Missouri anne March 26, 2010

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