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1. The fantasy common among disaffected right-wingers of assaulting people they imagine as the embodiment of treasonous forces afflicting the nation. Rarely if ever put into practice, since in the real world the hippies either went back to real life after 1980 or turned into Silicon Valley libertarians.

2. The practice common among establishment centrists of ritualistically denigrating progressives in order to win over imaginary swing voters and David Brooks. Sometimes misinterpreted as a boneheaded political mistake, it's actually a sign of deep and unselfish commitment to pleasing owners and professionals even at the cost of losing elections.
1. After a pleasant afternoon of drinking antifreeze, Vaughan and Christian decided to go down to the fair-trade market for some hippie punching.

2. After a pleasant afternoon of tongue-kissing insurance lobbyists, David Axelrod decided to go down to the Washington Post for some hippie punching.
by MississippiGoddamn October 18, 2010
A proposition that seems to be profound because it is actually logically ill-formed. A deepity balances precariously between multiple interpretations, at least one of which is obvious and trivial and at least one of which would be earth-shaking except that it is false.
A: Love is just a word.

B: What a bogus deepity. "Love" is just a word; any word is just a word. Love, whatever it is -- whether it is an emotion, a state of being, an evolutionary adaptation, an illusion promoted by romantic novelists -- it is not "just a word."
by mississippigoddamn July 17, 2010
A conniving, mean-spirited bigot.
"Did you really just stage an elaborate fake prom, just to avoid being around a lesbian and two disabled kids? You damned itawamba."
by mississippigoddamn April 07, 2010

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