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a confident usually smiling man or woman complimented with a nice face or body. or both
That guy over there is pretty sexy.
by Missalliane September 03, 2006
someone who sleeps around or turns their sluttiness into a profession
You should be able to slap a MAN in the face and call him a whore.
by Missalliane September 03, 2006
a pretty kick ass country
the state's neighbor to the north
a place where we can all smoke weed in harmony
where a lot of people go to act like idiots, blaze and drink like crazy
filled with slutty Molson Canadian beer girls
the hometown of wayne gretzky, jim carrey, mike myers and many other kickass people
known for being pretty easy to get along with
are sterotyped like hell,
dont live in igloos
are sparsley populated considering it is the 2nd largest contry in the world
love hockey
are pretty easygoing
have the largest asian population outside of asian (same with italian)
have a complete ass hole running the country
have a kick ass mtv program
share niagara falls with the states but slighty bigger than other half
share north america with mexico and america
need to be taken a bit more serious
Canada+America+Mexic= a pretty screwed up continent.
"I live in canada."
"Canada is a big country"
"Some guy in canada invented superman"
"I like smarties."
"Tim hortons was created by a canadian hockey player. so they have tim hortons in the states?"
"My cousin from the US has a girl friend in canada."
"Come to canada for lots of weed beer and slutty girls."
by Missalliane September 03, 2006
a phrase used mostly by canadians or australians indicating like.... "Right?" or "no?" or... "Do you agree?"
Canadian: Hey, california's pretty sweet, eh?
American: you bet ur canadian ass it is.
Canadian. Yeah..
by Missalliane September 03, 2006
the reason why rallies exsist.
Has an assitant named DICK. Bush and Dick get things done together...
German guy: Americans are so ignorant
Canadian: No their not!! its george bush whose ignorant. no,. a pathetic asshole that looks like a monkey and needs to start packing
by Missalliane September 03, 2006

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