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A place for kindergarteners.
Me:Hey Aaron
Me:Where are you going
Aaron:I'm going to Kindergarten wanna come Ehe ehe ehe(laughing like a Kindergartener)
by Missa Dewees October 27, 2004
1. The biggest wuss in the world. He makes up gay jokes and just moved form America to Israel. Hot wheels world racer, Beyblades, Yugioh, Abinav, and Toys r Us are some things Meitav enjoys.

2. An insult. When you call someone a Meitav it means your calling them gay, wussy, and weird.

3. Someone people like Henrick like to impersinate.
Eaaaa eaaaa would you please eaaa get out of my eaaaa seat eaaaa.
by Missa Dewees October 27, 2004
1. Arms that belong to Andrew Skinny Arms.

2. They go SNAP! when you touch them.
1. Whenever Andrew Skinny Arms gets into an argument with Greg Dewire, he better be careful for what he says or else Greg Dewire will get mad at him and make his skick arms go SNAP!
by Missa Dewees November 02, 2004
He is friends with Peimun, Umie and Robin Choi. His real name is Neima, but since Umang is gay, he calls him "Nemie".
umie:hey wanna CUM over
nemie:yes with greg dewire
by Missa Dewees November 24, 2004
The sound Andrew Skinny Arms arms/legs make when they snap.
Just incase Andrew Skinny Arms arms go SNAP! Greg Dewire brings some spare drum sticks to replace his old arms.
by Missa Dewees November 02, 2004
His real friends are faggots he is a girl who has a girl friend named Nemie, AKA Neima AKA faggot. He is a gay ass fagg
Umang and Neima call themselves Umie and Nemie because they are gay, just like Greg Dewire.
by Missa Dewees November 24, 2004
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