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When two people really love each other, they try their hardest to make each other happy!
“Hey, I’m Home” I say as I walk down to the kitchen of my apartment to my roommate Chris. His dark, slightly curly hair appears around the wall that separates the living room and the kitchen.
“Welcome back. What did you get up too?” He asks and I see the rest of his head. His face is a lovely olive and his eyes a magnificent green.
“Can’t I have an secrets?” I ask, as I am slightly ashamed of my whereabouts 30 minutes ago.
“Come on Belle, I’m your best mate, it cant be that embarrassing, don’t you trust me any more?” He asks as he comes out of the living room looking impossibly handsome in a dark t-shirt and mid denim jeans.
“Alright fine… I got a wax…” I say looking down at my skirt. I had hoped of keeping it a secret but as my best friend Chris knows I am not very good at keep secrets especially not from him!
“Wow I never thought you would get one! That’s cool. Well can I have an exam?” He asks. I have secretly always had a thing for him but I decided it was best if we just kept being friends.
Astonished by his request I took a step back and with an attempt to control my tone I asked: “why would you want to look at it and no you may not!” Secretly I wanted to show him, but that was out of the question.
“Well you obviously got it done for someone and I merely want to check the quality of it. Is that a bad reason? Plus come on I’m your best friend.” He asked with a cute expression on his face which read ‘Trust me, you know you can!’
“No!” I say as I walk down to the bathroom and as I shut the door I feel guilty that I said no to my one desire and to a face as gorgeous as his!

I shrug it off and de clothe and hope into the shower, as that is what the lady told me too. As I washing my body I hear the bathroom door open.
“Go away” I tell Chris.
“Too late” He says as he opens the door and I see the most wonderful body in the world! It is toned and it is olive and it is strong, masculine and big! And that is not just his body!
“Well, she did do a good job.” He says with a naughty little smile on his face as he kneels down to face my newly waxed pubic area.
“What are you…” I start but soon stop as his mouth starts kissing me. I suddenly start to feel even more wet. Then his lips part and his tongue starts licking my vagina. He is so good; his tongue is roaming my entire vagina hitting my clit multiple times a minute. I feel my knees buckle and soon I feel a pressure building up inside. As he hits my clit one more time I have my first ever orgasm and it feels brilliant. My knees then buckle completely and I land in his arms. That is when we kiss for the 1st time and it is magic. His tongue roams my entire mouth the way he did to my vagina.
Then I pull away about to ask why he is doing this when he brings me back for more kissing. Then I feel something start to stand up behind my back. I pull away once more but this time I make sure he can read my eyes.

I stand up and move down so that I can repay the favour he had just given me. I lower myself so I am sitting naked on his thighs. Then I start to rug his 9-inch penis and I can feel it harden instantly. Then I start to lower my lips to it but stop right before I am able to kiss it. Instead I move my lips to the side and start kissing his testicles. He shivers. Eventually I can’t stand it any more. I place his dick in my mouth and start sucking it like crazy! I can feel him shiver and moan with pleasure. Then I start licking while I suck. Soon I feel the pressure break and hot seamen races into my mouth. Then I move my moth away and his dick is spraying my neck and chest with seamen, but the water from the shower washes me quickly. I then move my body up and then my lips find his lips again and we start kissing again. He roles me over with care in the shower. His moist lips part with mine and start traveling down my body when I stop him.
“No, more kissing.” I say breathlessly and his lips return. Then his arms come around my back and brings me closer and my arms go around his back and starts messaging his back.
Then his lips part mine again.
“Come on” He says to me.

He steps up wobbly then turns off the shower than leans back down and assists me up then he quickly opens the door and then embraces me and lifts me up and rests me on his hips then subsides into my kissing again. We walk to his bedroom and he places me carefully onto his bed and then pushes me up so that my head is on his pillows. While still kissing me incredibly he reaches into the top draw in his bedside table and pulls out a condom. Quickly he puts it on himself then he enters me. Pushing himself slowly in and out. I start to shiver in joy. Then I feel metal on my wrists. I stop kissing him for a moment.

“Let me take charge of your pleasure, if you ever want me to stop then just say so, but please try it with me.” He says and ends with a little kiss.
“Alright” I agree just wanting to kiss him more.
He starts penetrating himself again inside me, but then speeds up, faster, harder he pushes.
Then we both explode into orgasms again. I feel his hot seamen and my hot cum mixing and we take a moment to pause from kissing and then he lowers his mouth to my neck and starts moving it down towards my pulsing vagina. He gives me oral again and it is even better than the first. Once he has finished with me again he moves again up.
As he releases my restraints I quickly roll him over and cuff him to the bed.
“My turn” I say and then I start rubbing his dick with one hand and rubbing my vagina with the other. I see his mouth start to drool as I bring both him and myself to orgasms again. I stop rubbing myself when I feel ready to burst. I then take my hand which is feeling very wet and I start rubbing it along his face then, while still rubbing his hardened cock I start licking his face. Once I feel satisfied with his hardened cock I mount him and we start having more sex.
Again we orgasm. Then I release his restraints and then I collapse on his heaving chest.

“I have waited so long for that, man Chris, I love you.” I admit
“I love you too Belle.” He says as he rolls sideways and then turns me around and we lie facing each other like I had dreamt for the past 4 years.
We just lay there in each other’s arms soaking wet from the shower talking. When we finally start falling asleep we prove to each other how much we love each other one more time to be sure.
by MissRatty December 21, 2007

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