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Indicates for how many successive days you can live on pasta (plain or with something) without turning grumpy. Especially important when you are a poor student. If you are beyond your pasta tolerance treshold (PTT) you might want to switch to rice, polenta, potatoes etc. for a few days until you reach, for example, your rice tolerance treshold (RTT).
"Ey dude, pasta for dinner tonight?"
"No man, I'm really beyond my Pasta Tolerance Treshold. I'm going for rice instead."
"Alright, I see what you mean. Your PTT is not to be messed with!"
by MissJones March 24, 2013
How to boat someone:
Make an origami boat.
Place the boat in front of their door while they're sleeping or alternatively in their room while they're away.
Add a message to the boat. Such as: "You have been boated."
Nice gesture among flatmates.
Person 1: I was at a party last night and when I came home I realized I'd been boated!
Person 2: No way!
Person 3: What does that mean, "to boat someone"?
Person 2: Origami boat in front of your door!
Person 1: Yes, and it was actually very nice. My flatmates made a very beautiful boat and the message was "you've been boated and there's chocolate in the fridge"
Person 2: Wow. I wish I had such nice flatmates.
Person 3: I can make an origami boat for you, too!
by missjones December 05, 2013

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