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NOT the number of Satan.
IS the number of impurity.
WILL NOT make you look cool, smart, interesting, or hip in any way.
WILL make you look like a fucking idiot.

Many people say that 666 is the number of Satan because that is what they say in the Book of Revelations. However, the Book of Revelations is purely symbolic and is not meant to be interpreted otherwise. The Bool of Revelation was written in code as letters to other Christians. 666=the Roman dictator Nero. Christians believed him evil, and he was, because of the bloody and grotesques persecutions of Christians that he did.

Also 999 upside down.
Idiot: I'm gonna write 666 on my backpack to make me look cool.

Idiot #2: *standing on a street corner with a Bible in hand and is as high as a kite* 666 is the number of the Devil!!!!!!!
Me: No it's not.
Idiot #2: Yes it is!
Me: And you know this because.........?
Idiot #2: It's in the Bible!
Me: *sighs* 666 was meant to represent the Roman dictator Nero, b/c early Christians found him evil.
Idiot #2: AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Devil worshipper!!! Jezabel! You are trying to make me think! AHHHH!!!!!
Me: SMH okay. You might wanna go make to school and lay off the crack for a while.
by MissEducatedAuthor November 08, 2011
despite what many people think Twitter is actually really fun. you normally go through 3 stages:

Stage 1- "twitter? god no! thats sooo f*cking stupid."
Stage 2- "fine, i'll get one, but im not gonna use it."
Stage 3- "omg twitter is soooo fun! im following all my fave celebs and i get a whole bunch of new info constantly!"

twitter has a ton of really great quote accounts. nobody posts shit like what they are doing every two seconds any more. if you are considering getting a twitter, you should get one. its matured.
twitter used to be for lameasses who couldnt get a facebook. now its a great site where you can laugh your head off and get great celeb info.

kate just finished going through the 3 stages of Twitter
by MissEducatedAuthor January 18, 2012

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