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The use of your index finger, middle finger, and pinky finger, (hints the name "tree finger") to give a finger job to a female. By sticking these three fingers inside her, you are able to stretch her vagina slightly, and keep pressure on her G-spot. Moving is slow circles gets her wet (if done correctly). It is often followed by oral sex and occasionally leads to an orgasm.
We were in the car on valentines day up at the make-out spot. We were kissing romanticaly. We are so in love. She is kissing me hard, i put my hand on her knee, then her thigh, then just up her skirt, further and further up until i feel the tiny corner of her underwear. I pull them gently to the side, slowly reaching inside her. She is wet, so it is easy to get my hand inside. Using the "three finger" method, i push my fingers slightly inside her. I move my fingers in a slow movement. she leans her body away from mine, moving her body in waves. "ohhh, ohhhh, uuuuu. oh! hhhhhh, uh" she whispers gently. Before i knew it i felt her bucking around my hand. "oooohhhhhh! oh! yeeeees!" she said loudly. I moved my hand out of her and my head and tongue down into her. Bobbing up and down feeling the wet in my mouth. Then it happened. "Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh! ohhhhhhh oh oh!" She was wet like never before, She had her first orgasm. Later that night when she told me to come over because she had never had an orgasm like that before
by MissColorado124568 February 26, 2009

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