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4 definitions by Miss WithAnE

When something has gone beyond meh to being really shit.

How you might feel upon hearing some bad news.
This night has turned into a pile of mehbags.

Fucking mehbags.

He dumped me. Mehbags.

That tea hasn't cheered me up, it was made with mehbags.
by Miss WithAnE August 23, 2010
Cheeses Crackers! An exclamation to replace "Jesus Christ"

Cheeses Crackers may be used by atheist and vegans, but is not soley for use by these groups.
It costs how much? Cheeses Crackers that's a lot!
by Miss WithAnE August 24, 2010
Words to be said in place of Thank God when things go right.

An exclamation of thanks to an imaginary being, similar to "Thank God!"
"Thank Superman I passed my exams!"

"What a week! Thank Superman it's FRIDAY!"

"Thank Superman I found my passport before it was time to fly!"
by Miss WithAnE August 24, 2010
Exclamation of frustration or upset similar to 'balls' or 'shit'.

A combination of the Dublin slang word gee and the word balls
"I sent the text to the wrong person! Geeballs!"

"This film is a load of Geeballs."

"Geeballs, she didn't even email me back!"
by Miss WithAnE August 25, 2010