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COCKBURN!-- A "COCKBURN!" is a word used to aknowledge that someone has just been screwed over, made fun of, or hustled. A "COCKBURN!" is something you either mumble under your breath, or shout out in excitment. The term cockburn! will come to you-- you can make it what you want. Trust me, you will know when you have been "cockburned!" We are so grateful to Mr. Patrick Cockburn for giving this word meaning, and life. We must also aknowledge Mr. Hamz-- none of this would be possible without Hamz.

sidenote: cockburn! has nothing to do with the terms "cock" or "burn" ... it's just one swift word-- cockburn!

Sarah: Hey... rough day?
Hamz: I got stuck in traffic today, ran out of gas, was late for work, and stepped on gum with my new shoes.
Sarah: oooo, cockburnnn... (mumbling)

Sarah: (Walks into the restaurant and trips)
Nima, Hamz, Sharghi, Natasha, Misha, Siymack, Baharak: COCKBURN!!!!!!!!! (shouting, pointing, and laughing)

by Miss Tina August 10, 2007
A long, drawn-out story or joke, that NO ONE thinks is funny (except for the person telling it). May sometimes result in an awkward silence or situation. Generally, a "stick emmm' uppppppp" is used in a group setting when one person is really excited about their story, but by the time they look up at their audience, they notice that everyone surrounding them is pulling their eyes and cheeks closer together with their hands... this is the motion for a "stick em' upppp!"

Basically is "stick emm' uppppp" is something similar to when someone smiles, while putting two thumbs up... then quickly changes their expression to annoyed and immediately turns their two thumbs down, implying that something was actually NOT funny (contrary to what the story teller believes).
Sarah: Have you guys see that episode of Fresh Prince where Will is scared of MADD DOGG, but tries to distract him by saying, "You are Dreamminnngggg" (at this point sarah is waving her hands up and down like Will) (she is also laughing so much she can barely speak)

Hamz, Misha, Siymack, Natasha, Sharghi, Baharak, Nima, Assal: (all have their hands on their face, pulling their eyes and cheeks with their fingers, just waiting to say, "Stick em' up!"

sidenote: once you get the hang of it-- all you have to do is start to move your hands towards your face... and the other person will say, "Ok ok , I get it. I'll stop talking now..."

(at this point, you could technically "stick up" these examples)
by Miss Tina August 10, 2007

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