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How you react when something really bad (see we need to talk) or good happens.

A manic, crazed feeling usually accompanied by some physical activity such as jumping, skipping, fainting, fluttering, screaming or bitching.
"It's not the cops dude, don't freak out."
by Miss Take December 15, 2003
Possibly slang for the word "conversing." Most likely used by people ignorant of the fact that the word is "conversing."
We was conversatin' and all that shit, right? and all of a sudden she told me to go to hell and I was like, WTF, biatch!
by Miss Take December 17, 2003
A brand of water bong used primarily for smoking marijuana.
Stop by the house later and I'll show you my new Graffix, dude.
by Miss Take December 16, 2003
Slang for bass speaker(s), usually installed in cars occupied by angst-filled youth. Dubbed "whomper" due to the constant "whomp whomp" noise heard by everyone within a 10 mile radius of said car.
Not to be confused with "whopper"
by Miss Take December 16, 2003
A bong used for smoking weed. Short for "binger."
Hey man, pass me the bing.
by Miss Take December 15, 2003
An alcoholic mixed drink consisting of sloe gin, peppermint schnapps, and Coke.
A Hornet for the little lady, pard'ner.
by Miss Take December 15, 2003
A euphemism for getting the boot.
Yo, man, I'm giving that bitch her walking papers!
by Miss Take December 16, 2003
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