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Coming from the historical chant "99 bottles of beer on the wall", used to describe one that has held there "urine" in ones bladder for a long period of time.

One that has to urinate (very badly).
"I gotta piss so bad, I'll be fillin' 99!"

"Stop here. I gotta fill 99."
by Miss Star August 03, 2007
A negative, derogatory word used to describe a dirty person or a person of little meaning to you.
"Fuck you ass scum"

"Take a shower, ass scum"
by Miss Star August 03, 2007

describing of an individual who has become famous from/for his/her "tits" (boobies, breasts, breastisis, milk jugs, etc.)

Pamela Anderson, "Criss/Chris" names (as in Chris Rock, Criss Angel, etc.), Andy Dick, Jason Mewes-also known as "Jay", Jenna Jameson, Paris Hilton, etc.
There are many "star tits" in Hollywood.
by Miss Star August 03, 2007

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