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In classical mythology, a prophetess in Troy during the Trojan War whose predictions, although true, were never believed by those around her. Apollo had given her the gift of prophecy but made it worthless after she refused his amorous advances. The Greeks captured Cassandra after their victory and sacrilegiously removed her from the temple of Athena. As a result, Athena helped cause shipwrecks and enormous loss of life to the Greeks on their return home.

HOWEVER, Modern day Cassandras serve a larger purpose than those of earlier days. Modern day Cassandras happen to be a strong force of their own. They are strong-minded, and strong willed. They do speak the truth, often to the dislike of other people (though in most cases, they are right. The truth tends to hurt.) Cassandras usually have a unique look to them. They are not mistaken for another person, and look-alikes are hard to come by because of their distinguishable and beautiful differences. Cassandras also tend to be peace-makers, but, if they are tested 1 too many times, they will, pardon me, jack you up.

Cassandras are also out of the box personalities. They tend to stand alone with opinions, of course, unless another Cassandra comes around.
Hey did you see Cassandra? Yea, she is unique in the best way.
by Miss Soleful February 02, 2010

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