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6 definitions by Miss Potato Head

Perfect excuse for if you get caught doing something or someone finds out that you did something you shouldn't have.
Person 1-Dude did you switch the keys?
Person 2-Yeah.
Person 1-I was standing at the car tryna open it for like 10 minutes! Why would you do that!?
Person 2-I was bored.
by Miss Potato Head September 14, 2010
11 1
Quite possibly the best answer to use when confronted about something you knew about but were not questioned about.
Person 1~You knew Bobby stole my car?
Person 2~Yeah.
Person 1~Why didn't you tell me!? We've been going crazy trying to find out who did it!
Person 2~No one asked me.
by Miss Potato Head September 12, 2010
10 0
Apparently how far every parent and grandparents had to walk in order to get to school. Usually without shoes.
Told to ungrateful children.
Douche-Yo dad where's my ride? You better get me that car I wanted.
Father-You should appreciate what you have now. When I was your age, I had to walk 10 miles in the snow with no shoes to get to school.
by Miss Potato Head September 14, 2010
14 9
Acronym for the shirt before the shirt, a phrase made famous by the boys of Jersey Shore.
Before you wear your club shirt, you wear tsbts.
by Miss Potato Head October 17, 2010
5 1
The amount of people at a scene or place. Can be used in different situations.
Cop 1~The suspect wiped them all out.
Cop 2~What's the body count?
Cop 1~Over half a dozen.
by Miss Potato Head September 15, 2010
104 101
What you say then someone touches you aggressively or without consent. Not necessarily in a sexual manner.
Cop~Come on buddy *grabs arm* You're going to do some time.
Suspect~Hey watch the merchandise!
by Miss Potato Head September 12, 2010
7 18