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Perfect excuse for if you get caught doing something or someone finds out that you did something you shouldn't have.
Person 1-Dude did you switch the keys?
Person 2-Yeah.
Person 1-I was standing at the car tryna open it for like 10 minutes! Why would you do that!?
Person 2-I was bored.
by Miss Potato Head September 14, 2010
Quite possibly the best answer to use when confronted about something you knew about but were not questioned about.
Person 1~You knew Bobby stole my car?
Person 2~Yeah.
Person 1~Why didn't you tell me!? We've been going crazy trying to find out who did it!
Person 2~No one asked me.
by Miss Potato Head September 12, 2010
The amount of people at a scene or place. Can be used in different situations.
Cop 1~The suspect wiped them all out.
Cop 2~What's the body count?
Cop 1~Over half a dozen.
by Miss Potato Head September 15, 2010
Apparently how far every parent and grandparents had to walk in order to get to school. Usually without shoes.
Told to ungrateful children.
Douche-Yo dad where's my ride? You better get me that car I wanted.
Father-You should appreciate what you have now. When I was your age, I had to walk 10 miles in the snow with no shoes to get to school.
by Miss Potato Head September 14, 2010
Acronym for the shirt before the shirt, a phrase made famous by the boys of Jersey Shore.
Before you wear your club shirt, you wear tsbts.
by Miss Potato Head October 17, 2010
What you say then someone touches you aggressively or without consent. Not necessarily in a sexual manner.
Cop~Come on buddy *grabs arm* You're going to do some time.
Suspect~Hey watch the merchandise!
by Miss Potato Head September 12, 2010
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