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Not a band, though members all happen to be musicians, this Brooklyn-based group is referred to as being either a cult or a gang led by the nefarious Jack Terricloth. Its members may change, its numbers vary, but generally at least 8 individuals and countless Infernites participate. This cult revolves around music, irresponsibilty, and worship of the Great Pumpkin. Sometimes called World/Inferno, or simply Inferno, their music is a mixture of punk, cabaret, klezmer, soul, rock, and ska.
I saw the World/Inferno Friendship Society play a concert last night, and today I'm seeing everything in colors I didn't know existed.
by Miss Nonesuch November 12, 2007
An individual who is unconditionally devoted to the World/Inferno Friendship Society. See also obsessed, fanatic, and arrogant. Sometimes referred to as "kids who like to get drunk and break stuff," though they range from high school-age theater geeks and straight edge vegans to aging punk rockers and art school drop-outs. To become an Infernite, one must first pen 500 posts on World/Inferno's messageboard, attend more shows than anyone else, and have been touched or looked at by Jack Terricloth during a concert. Pics or it didn't happen.
At first I thought I was at some sort of cabaret or klezmer concert, but then the Infernites started stagediving and playing wtih matches. The next thing I remember I was waking up on the beach at Coney Island with a black eye and my purse all full of confetti.
by Miss Nonesuch November 12, 2007
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