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An amazing band that is often called crap cause they are boys in a POP band. They are boys in a band but aren't half of the band out there boys in a band, why arent they boyband? Cause the don't play pop? Oh.. now I get it.
Quoted by Tom The fat one that aint fat anymore: We are a POP band, people always say that we are wannabe rock or punk/rock band but we are not, we are pop!
Likes of Simple Plan&Good Charlotte&Green Day&Blink 182 have said they liked them. *Shoves hand in your face and shouts 'FACE'*
And sure Busted&McFly DID sound the same.. why? THEY OFTEN WROTE THEIR SONGS TOGETHER! I have seen them live and they were amazing... just watch their tour DVD and be *Puts on Star Wars like voice* CONVINCED!
And to the ones that say they are 'Un-attractive* Can I feel.. a bit of jealousy? I think I can *Feels it* Hell yeah I can.
To be really original;
They are better than YOU!
Guy one: Gee, lyk omgz I like System of a down&Korn they are way better than McFly
Guy two: *Kills guy one* =]
Be afraid, be very afraid....
by Miss M Way December 16, 2005

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