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An over-enthusiastic, dumb, naieve, annoying, loud, squealy, MTV generation teenage chick that will do anything stupid to be the center of attention. Everyone's brother, cousin, boyfriend, best friend has dated or slept with one- and regretted it.
-That bippytwat is gonna get it if she doesn't get her hands off my boyfriend.

That dumbass bipppytwat girlfriend of yours has got your ass WHIPPED!
by Miss Lew November 11, 2003
Generic name for a person of ambiguous sex. Herm- short for hermaphrodite. Herman- male name. Amanda- female name. Her-man-duh - Her? man? Duh.
Check out Hermanda over there... either she needs a mustache wax or he needs to lose the man tits.
by Miss Lew November 11, 2003

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