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Local term for the "twin cities" of Champaign and Urbana in Illinois. These two cities are usually just considered one area, but Champaign-Urbana sounds too formal, so some people just say this instead. People from anywhere else usually don't get it. These people often pronounce the S in Illinois as well.
Ted: Where you live?
Lisa: Shampoo banana!
Ted: ...?
by Miss Leslie April 11, 2006
Short for "avatar", the characters on www.gaiaonline.com. Frequently used when advertising one's (1)"dream avi" or (2)"avi art".
(1)xxcutiexx:hey check out my dream avi isnt it hawt??? XD
jaKe7256:wow love teh shoes!!!!!! XP

(2)will do professional looking avi art for only 30 gold!!1
by Miss Leslie April 11, 2006

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