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UVM: The University of Vermont is a place where out-of-staters (mostly from Massachusetts or Long Island) come and morph into what they think a "Vermonter" is. This means they wear patchwork clothing, get dread-locks, and take on a new way of talking: slow and sounding perpetually stoned using phrases such as "yeah man". The true Vermonters look at the out-of-staters attempts at being "Vermonters" and wonder where the hell these people came from.

The student body is not made up of "hippies" rather, it is made up of
"trustafarians" (see definition). However, there is still the assortment of jocks, frat boys, sorority girls, and people who look like they play Dungeons and Dragons and are not ashamed of it. There is a slight lack of cultural diversity at the University of Vermont.

Overall UVM is a melting pot of people and is not just made up of pot-smoking trustafarians.
Person A: Oh, so you go to UVM, that means you like Phish and want to save the earth and all that right?

UVM student: Definitely, Phish is the most amazing band. Saving the planet is of the utmost importance. Hey man, do you need a ride? My Suburban is parked over there.
by Miss Kim January 02, 2006

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