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a small pic (picture)
well, here's my piccie. i hope you'll like it.
by miss k April 01, 2005
A woman or man that invests a significant amount of time seeking virgins, wooing them and releases them from the shackles of the chastity belt. A real Samaritan.
Police Chief- I have detained a male caucasian, aged between 25-30, suspected of being a.....a virgin!

Brutish Prisonor- I'll see what I can do about it..

Police- No no this is a job for the VIRGINATOR!
by Miss K December 12, 2003
Affectionate term for a carpet muncher. Not to be confused with Slit-slurper, which means essentially the same thing but is considered derogatory.
'She da queen slit-slitherer. She could slither my slit any time!
by Miss K February 10, 2004

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