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3 definitions by Miss Julie

adjective: a term accidentally used by a certain Philadelphia radio star in place of the word "awesome".
Example sentence: "Man, that movie was AWESOME!"
New and improved sentence: "Man, that movie was OFFICE!"
by Miss Julie June 27, 2006
(noun): a state of bliss, contentment, ease, and good fortune.
When I was a little kid, I lived the life of Riley, enshrouded in my own little world of delightful oblivion with others to care for my needs and wants.
by Miss Julie June 27, 2006
n. one who masks dishonesty with a veil of honest concern; one who invents falsities to dissuade a target of manipulation
"Look, Dan, Terry's not cheating on you- don't listen to that honest Iago. Matt might seem like cares about you and is telling you the truth, but he's just good at telling stories."
by Miss Julie November 08, 2006