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An Ace Boogie, kontrary to the film "Paid in Full" is not always a Wood Harris type. The Ace Boogie species is more kommonly known to reside in the suburbs of Kalifornia, and stays trying to irritate people like the Sondra species, but not kuz she's a sex goddess....just kuz she's silly enough to let him piss her off.
He likes leafy green substances (see: "Jarvis") and the kolor red. He also has a shoe fetish that most people don't seem to really pay attention to. He WILL jack you for your scarves, $65 sunglasses, and mcdonalds.
He also likes to text people in the unGodly hours of the morning about ebay and technical issues concerning "buy it now" versus an auction.
He is loved, even though he tends to be a meanieface jerkhead, just because you tried to enlighten him to the komedy that is "urbandictionary.com"
He is, last but not least, very weak for even leaving this up for me to find and alter. Sho 'nuff!
"He be acting so week sometimes!"
"For real, he's on that Ace Boogie ish!"
by Miss Jo February 18, 2009

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