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3 definitions by Miss Eighties

Best, extremely, very, top, really
Liz: I'm uber aggravated at Kristy, she's copying me, the bitch.

Kristy: Shut up, Liz, you slut. You wear such uber skanky clothes, only someone uber stupid would copy you.
by Miss Eighties June 21, 2004
1)A talented singer who is idolized by many people of all ages and genders, but mostly preteen and teenager girls. She is often called a "stupid slut who can't sing", usually by shallow no-talent losers who can't carry a tune themselves.

2)An act of changing one's self image a lot, usually into a more risque figure.

3)An act of spontaniously getting married in Las Vegas and then divorcing 55 hours later.
1)"Do you like the song 'Everytime' by Britney Spears?"

2)"Everyone knew Amanda pulled a Britney Spears when she showed up with a tight, metallic low-cut designer top and a micro-mini skirt.
by Miss Eighties June 21, 2004
1)a term meaning the drug marajuanna

2)cool, cute, fun, awesome, attractive
1)Brian always has extra dope on his hands.

2)That concert last night was so dope.
by Miss Eighties July 23, 2004