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1. something totally awesome or cool. used to show happiness, or a good expression.
2. about half-way up someone's body, there is a region called the "ass". also used to state that someone has a "Sweet Ass". sweet in this case usually meaning hott.
1. "I got that new Panic! At The Disco CD I wanted!"
"Sweet Ass, dude!"
2. "Dang, baby! You gotta Sweet Ass!"
by Miss Dorkette March 15, 2006
only the most kick-ass show ever. on fuse.

what's better than people of all ages, shapes, sizes stripping to music videos?
"Have you seen Pants Off Dance Off on Fuse yet?"
"Heck yes! I so wanna be on it!"
by Miss Dorkette May 03, 2006
the professional name of chicks who have successfully mastered the art of whore on the lowest level. this art consists of furiously making out with french fries in public. biting, sucking, licking, and twirling in mouth are all acceptable. usually this act is only completed by goody-goody two shoes such as yours truly who don't have/don't want the status of "Master Hoe" quite yet.
"Did you see that French Fry Whore at McDonald's?"
"Yeah, man, she was all up on dat shit."
"Damn, but it turns me on!"
by Miss Dorkette March 15, 2006

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