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1: Noun: A female that is in a bad mood (or on her period) and therefore making tons of bitchy comments on statuses or links. This is usually regreted by her the next day, but can last for weeks at a time.

2: Noun: A person who makes an opinionated status, but later revises or revokes it alltogether because of another person's comments.
Example 1: Jane Doe Status: "Wow, I saw this girl at the mall today, and she should NOT have been wearing such a tight top... Just sayin..."
Internet Bitch: "Wow, that is so mean! How do you know she doesn't have a medical condition that makes her that way?? Geez! People like you are the reason young girls kill themselves!!!"
Other Person: "Wow, you're such an internet bitch."

Example 2: John Doe Status: "Hahaha, Dane Cook is soooo funny! I wanna buy his DVDs! LMAO!"
Jessica: "Are you serious? How old are you? He is such a gross pervert. You should grow up a little..."
John Doe: "Yeah, I guess you're right... I mean, I guess he's not THAT funny. I should just watch Jeff Dunham from now on."
by Miss Beena March 11, 2010

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