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n. Heterosexual person who actively supports the homosexual lifestyle and the gay rights movement. May have gay relatives, friends, coworkers or neighbors. May participate in the equal rights movement through political petitioning, sharing of propaganda on social media, proselytizing/education, marching in pride parades, attending gay weddings, etc. Vocal against homofoes.
"Not just some of my best friends are gay, most of them are! I'm more than a faghag, I'm a gaymate!"

"For the first time in history we have a president who is a gaymate. Things are moving in the right direction."
by Miss Alaineous June 26, 2013
n. Person who is against homosexuality based on religious, social or personal beliefs, who actively opposes the achievement of equal rights of homosexuals. The homofoe may participate in political petitioning, sharing of anti-gay propaganda via social and electronic media, protesting, proselytizing/education, and voting to support unequal rights.
"I ain't afraid of homosexuals. I just don't want them marryin' or teachin' ma kids or livin' on ma block. Ain't no homophobe, more like a homofoe."

"During the second half of the 20th century homofoes proudly protested the advancement of the gay rights movement, but as social acceptance of homosexuality grew, homofoe activity dwindled."
by Miss Alaineous June 26, 2013

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