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Member of the kpop band Super Junior. Is amazingly sexy and has rock hard abs. Said to be secretly dating Donghae by fans. Gets molested by heechul just like all the other SuJu members. best dancer in Suju
Eunhyuk does an amazing dance on stage and ends with tearing off his shirt. All the fangirls faint
by Misol November 26, 2011
One of the members of TVXQ. Known for being a sex god and has the ability to capture women's souls with his angelic voice. Also known to make people have orgasms when he licks his amazing lips. He seems mean but he's actually shy and nice.
Fangirl: Jaejoong oppa, I think you're amazing!
Jaejoong: Thanks. ~licks his lips in a sexy way!
Fangirl:~explodes in a nosebleed~
by Misol November 26, 2011

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