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A spray of fecal matter, usually caused by diarrhea, that coats the back wall of the toilet bowl.
Dude, don't use that stall! Someone schlotted the hell out of the toilet.
by Mishnel December 07, 2006
The act of passing gas while excreting a turd.
Man, the guy in the next stall had the dookyfarts!
by Mishnel December 07, 2006
A person who is a legend in their own mind. A person that is truly convinced that all of the bullshit that comes from their mouth is a statement of fact and relevance. Basically, a complete fucking moron.
That guy is such a dick. He talks so much shit. What a Whitner!
by mishnel January 10, 2012
A nut infested turd.
All those peanuts at the game gave me the ruthers today.
by Mishnel December 07, 2006
Beaners per square inch.
Damn, this city has about 1000 BPSI!
by mishnel November 07, 2010
A bowel movement that comes out like an ass sneeze. Usually hitting everything but the water.
When I got to the bathroom, I spraygued all over the toilet.
by Mishnel December 07, 2006
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