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Often called Lord Llpalazzo. He is from the fictional anime Excel Saga and is a fictional character. He has to give orders to a complete hyperactive girl and a dying(ish) girl. His intentions are to conquer the world! *evil laughter* Or does Lord Llpalazzo have an evil laugh?
Lord Llpalazzo shall conquer the world!!! Mwhahaha!
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
A word created by Lanipator the Abridger, who has voice acted unprofessionally in many Abridged anime versions, it means you got pwned by Lanipator. It is often used as comeback to LittleKuriboh.
Lanipator: Oh yeah! Lanipwned!

LittleKuriboh: Dude, Lani... -_-
by MisaTange July 07, 2009
A mature woman who has the right maturity to try and end arguments. She's a Filipino and types fast for her age, and she's tall for a Filipino but still one of the shortest in her class. She is obsessed with the AVGN and Devil May Cry 4. She loves white rice and, unlike some girls, can keep a cool head. However, she can get absurdly pissed off and shows it in a different way, not by physical language. She's an administrator at a few select forums, and a global moderator at some, which shows her maturity. She's a forumoholic but isn't the one to post spam, porn, anything that breaks forum rules or breaks the forum host's Terms of Service. She can actually type and make references to the AVGN and other things she likes. She's so smart that she could name English and Japanese memes, more than just one of the two categories provided. She's a happy-go-lucky woman with a good heart, who actually has a life outside the computer. No, she doesn't have any fanimation (fanime) skills. She has a YouTube account, a Twitter, and a Myspace account. The Myspace account, she doesn't use it. She is creative and can think of good jokes. She loves to be called Misa, or Misa-Misa. Her name comes from a RPG Maker 2000 game called Deus Cards, not from the anime/manga Death Note.
MisaTange is a lovely girl.
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
1. Latin/Greek for Lamb.

2. A character in the video game Devil May Cry 4 who is introverted, a mad scientist, black, has a monocle, has brown hair, and hates the main character, Nero.
1. I ate the agnus. It was good.

2. I hate Agnus! He stabbed Nero in the stomach!
by MisaTange June 30, 2009
Ryoko Yamagishi, born 1947 in Hokkaidō, is a female manga artist. She is one of the members of the Year 24 Group. In 1983, she won the Kodansha Manga Award for shōjo for Hi Izuru Tokorono Tenshi, and in 2007 she won Grand Prize for the 11th Annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize for Maihime Τερψιχόρα. (The Dancing Girl; Terpsichore).
Ryoko Yamagishi is an excellent mangaka.
by MisaTange July 09, 2009
A term used by Maplers to express huge amounts of mesos falling from the players, usually 10 mesos each, or just a small amount. It can come from mesos, or items, the items usually being common. At rare occasions, rare items will pop out.
You should drop only the smallest amount of mesos if you're going to start a drop fest.
by MisaTange July 08, 2009
Twitter is a social networking site, where you can update your status or look/reply to someone else's status.
I update my Twitter because I'm bored.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
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