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A noble young men with charming skills who has however inherited a gross humor and loud laughter from scouting in his childhood.
Falches usually call each other a Falche.
"Danny picked me up at work the other day, brought me a rose and a spanish poem, and took me out for dinner in Paris. Can you believe he said I had Junk in the trunk ??"
"What a jerk !"
"Yeah he's a real Falche. I love him though"

"Falche, Lasergaming tonight? Can't Falche, I have to take my female to the Opera"
#jerk #awesome #barney #scout #viking
by Mirendil February 09, 2010
Abreviation for "Facebook Dog".
Side-effect from the impossibility to "Appear offline" on the facebook chat.
The interesting and/or good looking persons you would be interested in chatting with get chased away by the Facedogs, who remain themselves connected 24/7.
Man1 "I tried to see if Julia was connected the other night. It took me 30 minutes, 10 'I have to go to bed', and a fake disconnection to get Mark off my boots!"
Man2 "What a Facedog!"
#annoyer #parasite #disturber #ghost #nerd
by Mirendil February 09, 2010
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