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Noun- A cup used to hold period goo to feed to Edward Cullen. Also used to store other smoothie like things, such as a smoothie.
"Bella, I want your blood but I don't want to kill you."
"Don't worry! I'm on my period! Good thing I keep my handy periodcup around!"
by Mirelurk Mama November 29, 2009
Noun: A fictional mutated horseshoe crab from the game Fallout 3. They are well armored throughout their body except for their face. Their spawning pod is located in the Anchorage War Memorial along the Potomac river in Capitol Wasteland.
Three Dog: Handling mirelurks are risky buisness!
by Mirelurk Mama July 22, 2009
La Pumba is a statement that means that you are agreeing with the previous word, statement, or situation. It is usually used by African Americans, but is now becoming integrated with society.
"Gosh that math final sure sucked Chad!"
"La Pumba dog."
by Mirelurk Mama January 12, 2010
The time period starting in spring 2010 to current time in which Urban Dictionary has chosen Words of the Day that have recieved overall negitave reception by the patrons of the website.
Random Internet Lurker- "July 29th 2010- strategic friend default? Where's my witty word/phrase I can integrate into my every day life? This Urbanomic Resession has gone too far."

Random Internet Lurker #2- "I think I'm going to kill myself. I just can't handle this Urbanomic Resession anymore."

Seriously people, the Word Of the Day is the life of some people. Stop commiting assisted suicide.
by Mirelurk Mama July 30, 2010

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