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(Noun) A small, purple, rat-like creature only found in the fictional world of Pokémon. Since 1999, these rodents have managed to destroy the childhoods of all those who have played the game (Pokémon) and lived on to tell the tale.

Being known to attack when making sudden sharp turns or riding a bicycle in tall grass, one can justify that this is one of the main reasons to why the teens of today are so irritated and, on occasion, extremely flamboyant (see 'scene kids'). It is also a major cause for severe mental disabilities due to the loud, sudden noises this creature brings when it appears.
AH FUCK! I'm out of repels. Alright... move very slowly. Don't make any sudden movements...


by Miragemelody August 19, 2009
When a girl reveals the condition of her armpits. From here, one can speculate if the other "womanly part" is kept in a similar condition; shaven or unshaven.
Jenna gave me a pit tease the other day when she was trying to reach the plates on the top shelf. I hope her vagina is just as clean as those pits.
by Miragemelody August 24, 2009
Given to those who possess a thick penis and irregularly placed pubic hair. Also, the upper body is unusually smaller than the lower body giving the image of a ridiculously fruity christmas tree.
Guy 1: I love masturbating to the sound of a door creaking.

Guy 2: That's so Mathias!!!

Guys 1 and 2 then suffocate each other with their irregularly sized penises.
by Miragemelody August 17, 2009

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