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4 definitions by Mirage

(verb) to swallow cum after a blowjob or intercourse.
Jenna just gulped a hot load.
by Mirage December 31, 2004
74 46
A VERY commonly used European word that means come on, or hurry up, or anything along those lines
Person 1:Hajde, man!!
Person 2: I'm coming!
by Mirage April 13, 2005
43 21
When something goes horribly wrong, as in when Hillary Duff was given a recording contract.
1) Did you see that guy get hit by that truck? Man, that was duff'd.

2) That girl's face is duff'd.
by Mirage December 31, 2004
5 5
One and only from San Diego, CA. MirageOne..
Damn.. that guy Mirage is the shit
by Mirage June 10, 2003
2 45