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4 definitions by Mirage

(verb) to swallow cum after a blowjob or intercourse.
Jenna just gulped a hot load.
by Mirage December 31, 2004
A VERY commonly used European word that means come on, or hurry up, or anything along those lines
Person 1:Hajde, man!!
Person 2: I'm coming!
by Mirage April 13, 2005
When something goes horribly wrong, as in when Hillary Duff was given a recording contract.
1) Did you see that guy get hit by that truck? Man, that was duff'd.

2) That girl's face is duff'd.
by Mirage December 31, 2004
One and only from San Diego, CA. MirageOne.. www.MirageOne.tk
Damn.. that guy Mirage is the shit
by Mirage June 10, 2003