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The Everything experience. This can refer to food, cars, girls, and practically anything that has an option of providing a full experience.
Ordering the Works at My Hero indicates that a customer wants all available toppings.

A girl who possesses the Works has a fine face, personality, and body.
by Mira!!! January 31, 2010
The tendency to speak with an accent while commenting or cheering during a soccer game. This accent usually resembles a British one, but it is usually not intentional.
Joe: (in soccer accent) What a goal!

Tim: Why are you talking with a British accent?
Joe: Sorry, that was my soccer accent. I was carried away with the game.
by Mira!!! June 12, 2010
(adverb) in an exact manner.
Mom: When you come home, that would be your activity. Ask someone professional eggsactually how and whats the right thing to do and how to do.
by Mira!!! February 12, 2012

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